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Sweet Expedition: New feature

We take you on an exciting journey through a series of enchanting machines, each adorned with its own set of challenges waiting to be conquered! Progress in a linear fashion, unlocking machines one by one as you triumph over the challenges they present.

The final reward awaits those intrepid players who complete all the machine challenges, a prize fit for a true champion! And fear not, for if you complete all the challenges before the feature concludes, you may revisit the quest and relish the adventure once more!

This feature’s presence in our game beckons you to rediscover familiar machines or dive into a curated list of delights, reaping rewards with each triumphant completion.

Your journey shall begin with easy challenges and you shall gradually graduate in difficulty as you unlock more machines. The thrill of accomplishment shall be met with rising rewards, a testament to your prowess and determination!

So, dear players, brace yourselves for this enthralling quest, where challenges and rewards intertwine, and where every step draws you closer to greatness! Rediscover the joy of playing, embrace the path of progression, and may your quest be filled with excitement, victories, and the sweetest of rewards!