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Level Express: New feature

Step into the enchanting world of Wonka - Level Pass, a glorious 3-4 day event that unveils a mesmerizing battle pass like system, where both a delightful free path and a premium paid path beckon you to embark on an extraordinary adventure! Just like Candy Climb, this thrilling event is designed to ignite your gaming spirit and entice you with tantalizing rewards.


As you journey through this magical event, you shall encounter a path spanning 15-20 levels, each a stepping stone to greater wonders and treasures beyond imagination! The joy of progressing through levels and the allure of rewards shall propel you forward on this splendid quest, urging you to engage with the game like never before.

Behold, dear players, for the free path is open to all, inviting you to partake in the excitement and claim your rightful rewards! And for those daring adventurers seeking even more splendor, the paid path awaits, where you can unlock additional treasures and bask in the indulgence of exclusive delights!