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Bill’s Candy streak: New feature

As you enter this realm of wonka, you shall be greeted with three delightful missions that await you each day. You shall be well exposed to embrace the core loop of the exhilarating slots game!

Prepare yourselves - for completing these missions is your path to acquiring powerful Multipliers. Starting at a humble 1x, these Multipliers grow with every consecutive day you login - 1x, 2x, 3x, and beyond, a testament to your dedication!

But beware, dear players, should you miss a day, the streak of Multipliers shall reset back to 1x. Stay vigilant, and let your unwavering commitment be your guide!

Now, let us unveil the enchanting treasures that await you in this journey. Each lane of missions leads to three separate chests, brimming with inherent value. At the end of the week, these treasures, multiplied by your accumulated Multipliers, shall bestow upon you glorious rewards!

And on the momentous Treasure Day, it is your presence and completion of the relevant mission that grants you access to the chest. A day of great importance, where your efforts shall culminate in a triumphant celebration!