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2023 Willy Wonka Slots Sneak Peek of Features

The game saw the following additions in the first half of the year!

Jackpot Happy Hour


We provided you with a wondrous occasion - multiplied your chances of seizing the grandest of prizes by fivefold! Yes, you heard it right! A staggering 5X higher chance of winning the coveted jackpots, all within the enchanting span of approximately 13 hours when this event comes to life!

However, you really need to hurry up as there are limited jackpots up for grabs and all our players are vying for the same!

Daily Wrappers Plus


We introduced a fantastic weekly pass, the marvelous "Daily Wrappers Plus"! A magical concoction that weaved together the enchanting threads of our existing daily wrappers feature, and infused them with the sweet nectar of premium rewards!

You can now get 2x daily wrappers, 100% more credits, and other boosts for an extraordinary spinning experience. What more you ask? You can also “Swap” tough challenges with ease!

Popcorn Sale

We presented you with a grand opportunity to savor the sweetest of deals: higher credit bonuses and a shower of delectable sweeteners bestowed upon specific packs when the sale is on!


Milestone sale

Embark on your milestone journey through the Machine and unlock a rewarding new sale that gets triggered whenever you Level Up, get - a Big Win, a Wonka Win, and a Wonkavator Win! Act swiftly to seize this earned opportunity and make your purchase, reveling in the magic of your achievements! Limited-time offer!